Madras High court Rejected plea to attaching Aadhaar with Social Media Accounts


Aadhaar with Social Media

Some days past Aadhaar and other governmental documents connectivity with social media accounts had been on the air with variable kinds of comments such as “It’s good for public and better for stoppages from social media” and some stats that “It’s not good to attaching this documents” etc.

Today it heard at Madras high court for its final decisions but at first sitting of this entire case, judges decided to reject this offers because it’s not any kind of proper activity to stop social crimes, its meaningless process.

The Madras High Court has now expanded its scope of hearing including WhatsApp’s ability tracker to messages, for shot down spam and fishing with fake news.

The High Court was hearing a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) filed last year that sought “linking of Aadhaar or any one of the Government authorized identity proof as mandatory for the purpose of authentication while obtaining any email or user account.”

The next upcoming hearing date is September 19, even Facebook has reportedly requested to Court to transfer this case including existing running also to the Supreme Court instead. The hearing for that running plea will take place on September 13.

It seems like we won’t see Aadhaar with social media accounts any time soon.

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