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Google Pixel 4 Design Leaked: Colors, Specifications and Price


The leaks come from IndiaShopps that Google will launch its brand new Pixel 4 series smartphones on October 19th with a new color and some amazing specifications. Google applied tricks through his social media handles which make customers more curious about the phone, Google’s expectations are high to become a new flagship phone sensation with the release of this series.

On-Screen Fingerprint Sensor

The camera of this phone same as Twitted by Google previously and the renders also seem to confirm that Google will not attach any fingerprint sensor in the back so there are chances of getting an on-screen fingerprint sensor.

Pixel 4
Image Courtesy: IndiaShopps

Apart from this detail, another amazing news is Google’s Pixel 4 will not available with a bathtub size notch display in front but it’s understandable that Google will add bezels on its display like Pixel 3XL. Google will not provide thick chin in Pixel 4 like other smartphones, Probably there are some chances created for OLED display like Apple but if its manufactured like this then price will boost as some reports have been claiming, Google will simply mount the display upside down, and use the forehead bezel for the display’s connectors as well.


There are not much more details available about its full body designs and specifications but it’s confirmed that Google Pixel 4 is having a type-C port with fast charging capabilities but no Headphone jack as seen in many flagship phones nowadays. 


Also, a piece of flying news comes from Renders that Google will launch a new color design for its new phone, The new color might call “Wasabi” or other reports suggest it’ll be called “Mint Green” but I’m Shure its final name will be Wasabi. 

Pixel 4
Image Courtesy: IndiaShopps


Overall Google is going to launch an awesome camera and specification phone which is truly dedicated to its user, We have to only wait till October when it will be disclosed with its full feature, price, launch date, etc.



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