OnePlus TV Might Soon Launch in India


Last year in September OnePlus CEO Pate Lau announced a new product, Yes its OnePlus TV. Since announcement day past also lots of days past but still not heard about lots of its. The company says it will be Launched in India in 2020.

A piece of leak news comes from leaker Mr. Ishan Aggarwal that this amazing TV will be available for One plus lovers soon, Maybe last of this year.

According to his Twitter handle “Have some good news for you all: The OnePlus TV is not very far away, at least according to one source. The launch might be soon, so stay tuned. I have very high expectations from it, what about you?”

Expected from One plus TV

One plus TV will not provide OLED screen, They are trying to cost-cutting.

  • The TV might support 4K HDR support
  • It is available with an AI assistant (expected Google assistant)
  • It is available on Amazone exclusive.

Overall TV is quite good and it reflects the company’s features and reputation of technology from this and a little bit here competition with Xiomi’s new smart TV. Xiomi VS One plus is getting toughest competition so let’s see who wins this Technology battle.


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