Ryzen 3000 Series Boost Fix BIOS Coming Soon


Ryzen 3000 Series Boost Fix BIOS

AMD has put in the statement below that they are currently preparing a new BIOS update for their board partners that will address the boosting of their Ryzen 3000 Series processors as they have identified an issue in their firmware. They will be providing an update on September 10th to the community in regard to the availability of the BIOS.

This BIOS will likely not be available to consumers and end-users at that time as the motherboard vendors will have to prepare their specific board BIOS from there. Hopefully, this fix rolls out to all boards that support 3rd Gen Ryzen 3000 Series processors and isn’t limited to newer X570 boards and that the people who picked up these CPUs in the past and future can now see those advertised boost clocks become a reality.

Ryzen 3000 Boost Fix

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