Xiaomi Enters Toy Business in India With Mi Truck Builder


Having more profits with running mobile and accessories business in India, Mi going to startup for Toy business in India. According to Xiaomi, it will bring a new evolution in the Toy market in India which helps kids to improve memory power and learning ability skills.    

The company now entered the toy business by launching a similar to Lego toys, Mi Truck Builder.

Mi Truck Builder

According to Xiaomi, The Truck builder comes with more than 530 blocks and it can be used to build an enjoyable toy along that user can make it double trekker or similar like Bulldozer. Its made from ABS plastic & PC grade material which is safe and durable for kids. 0.005mm high-precision injection molding and all parts can use for the steering wheel, a vehicle system control system a bucking lifting system and a rear-wheel independent differential.

So Xiaomi is ready to rule in the Indian market as well as the entire world with his amazing Gadgets and upcoming technologies, even Xiomi planning to launch MI beard trimmer and rechargeable LED lights, better sound quality headphones, Fast charger and many more. Xiaomi will create product attaching Mi-brand names. K20 & K20 pro will launch the ending of this month in India.

The price of Mi Truck Builder is Rs. 1,199/-.     


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